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Stretch Therapy


Late last year I attended weekly Stretch Therapy classes for few months.  My body loved me for it! We know that stretching is essential to maintain flexibility and range of motion in your joints. It will also improve blood, oxygen and lymph fluid circulation = happy body happy mind.


Nothing beats attending a weekly group class to get a good gage on how to stretch correctly and SAFELY. In times when getting to a class is not possible, there are some really well instructed videos available on YouTube.  Have a watch of Kit Laughlin explaining how to stretch your mid and upper back; follow it up with the next video on standing lower back stretch.  Please note: this style of stretching always wants you to stay within your comfort zone and with gentle nose breathing.

Mid and upper back stretch
Standing lower back stretch



The Gut Network

lungsImbedded in the tissue lining of your oesophagus, stomach, small intestine and colon is a complex circuitry network of nerves, the enteric nervous system or also known as your gut brain. It functions independently of your head brain, and heart brain, producing those ‘gut feelings’ from its own ability to learn and remember.

When the lining of your stomach is damaged from bacteria, for example, it will cause an irritation in the guts nervous system network. This information of irritation is fed back to the heart and head brains, and throughout all of your nerve channels in your body. Can you see how inflammation within the guts tissues can begin a cycle of aches and pain, and a general feeling of ‘blah’?

What can you do? Number one, is to work out what you are consuming that is aiding in the irritation/inflammation. Second, adopt ways to help the tissues heal.  For me it is removing the 3 main inflammatory proteins from my diet:  gluten(wheat, barely, rye), casein(dairy) and eggs. My healing foods range from berries, anti-viral and bacterial herbs, anything leafy and green, and bone broths.  This Best of the Bone turmeric, ginger, black pepper bone broth has been a recent discovery - “consists of 19 amino acids – highly concentrated – critical components for connective tissues, muscle and bone health. Proven to play a major role in gut health, bone and cell growth and in developing new tissue.” I found it at the Natural Food Market in Neutral Bay.

An invigorating way to kick start your digestive system healing is just for 3 or 4 days have bone broth for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Along with it eat veg that supports and cleanses your immune system, like cucumber, celery and asparagus. Throw in some wild blueberries and drink warm lemon water (or even grapefruit water) throughout the day.



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