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SomatoEmotional Release (SER) Therapy is a therapeutic process that expands on the principles of CranioSacral Therapy to help rid the mind and body of the residual effects of trauma.


Joint research conducted by Dr. John Upledger and biophysicist Dr. Zvi Karni led to the discovery that the body often retains the imprint of physical forces from accidents, injuries and emotional shock. The dysfunctional area is frequently isolated in what is called an energy cyst.


Although clearing negative memories and emotions is helpful in resolving the disturbances, Dr. Upledger and Dr. Karni found that total rehabilitation was not always achieved. Even when a reasonably healthy body adapts to energy cysts, extra energy is required to perform normal functions. As time passes, the adaptive pattern of the body loses its effectiveness.


Symptoms begin to appear and, over time, become more difficult to suppress. SomatoEmotional Release Therapy uses manual and verbal processing skills to help release these patterns from the mind and body.


The above description was provided by The Upledger Institute.


SER uses the same principles and techniques as CranioSacral Therapy with the addition of being aware, as the therapist, when the client has entered into a deep subconscious process. For the client it may feel like they are in a dream state as their subconscious (inner physician) begins a process what I often refer to as, “clearing out the junk draw of memories”. This clearing of buried memories is a whole body rebalancing process which may involve very subtle body movements, such as a small amount of muscle twitching. At other times it may involve a more ‘dramatic’ all over body expression as your entire being unravels and rebalances.


As past events resurface, it may be enough for myself to just simply hold the space for you as your body goes through its process. At other times a bit more verbal dialoguing is needed to get a complete finish. Verbal dialoguing is along the lines of asking open ended questions to establish a clear picture of what you are feeling and/or seeing. Overall it is a technique that can be used to prompt the wisdom of your inner physician to decide on the best possible outcome for that situation and how to get there.


Oil free treatment.



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