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K. Rose, Pymble NSW

"I'm not sure I would have made it through the last few months of my pregnancy if it were not for Miriam's soothing pregnancy massage. The cut out table was incredible, allowing me to lay face down for the full massage treatment experience. It was something I looked forward to each week. Thank you Miriam!"


Carla de Jong, Roseville NSW

"I have been seeing Miriam for neck and shoulder pain. I am a woodworker and after many years of hard work I ended up with sore and stiff shoulders and neck. I could not turn my head fully to the left anymore and after a day's work I often didn't find a way to hold my head upright without it hurting badly.
Thanks to Miriam's help I have improved tremendously. I almost have the full movement back and while I was constantly reminded by hurting neck and shoulders, I am now working without even realising it! Many thanks Miriam, I have no hesitation to recommend you to anybody."


SP - Sydney based physiotherapist and ergonomist

"Miriam has a wonderful, gentle presence that inspires confidence and trust. She is able to use different techniques to heal and improve mobility and function. Her treatments are not only helpful but relaxing as well. I look forward to my sessions with her."


V. Garvey, Lane Cove NSW

"I have visited Miriam's practice many times over the last two years for various shoulder and neck issues. Through both remedial massage and craniosacral techniques, there was a significant improvement in my level of discomfort and pain both short and long term. I have always found Miriam to be extremely knowledgeable regarding all aspects of massage and physiology, identifying the issues quickly and providing me with effective exercises to do from home. I have recommended many friends to Miriam who have also become satisfied regular clients and would not hesitate to refer other friends to her. I wish Miriam all the best in her new venture."


L. & D. Gregory, Campbelltown NSW

"After a difficult delivery our son was very restless, difficult to settle and wouldn't sleep for periods longer than two hours at a time. He also had a tendency to put his fist in his mouth as well as difficulties breathing with what sounded like a continual stuffy nose. He also refused to defecate in his nappy and would scream until his nappy was off. While receiving the CranioSacral massage from Miriam, our son released a lot of pent up angst and fear associated with his delivery. Immediately after the treatment he slept a very sound sleep and has continued to do so when napping during the day. Previous to the CranioSacral treatment our son would only nap for 20 minutes or so during the day. To date he is now sleeping for up to 2 hours at a time during the day and his sleeps are much more peaceful and less restless. Our son ceased putting his fist in his mouth, his stuffy nose cleared up considerably and he now defecates in his nappy with no problems at all. We highly recommend this therapy for any newborn whose entry into the world was fought with difficulties which impact on their ability to settle and be calm. The change in our son has been very noticeable and we were so impressed with the manner that Miriam worked with our son that we will continue to use her services if our Son displays restless behaviour that impacts on his ability to rest peacefully. Our son has gone from a crying, whingy baby to a happy little boy who is now more peaceful and relaxed."


V. Lickorish, St. Ives NSW

"When I saw how much benefit Gerry got from your treatments of his injured shoulder, I thought 'I'm having some of this'. Can't believe I had left it to nearly 70 to treat myself to a massage. I came out feeling considerably taller and about 20 years younger!! Please book me in for a regular massage and I will end up kicking the arthritis pills.
Many thanks."


M. Thomas, Bondi NSW

"I loved the craniosacral treatment, the amount of tension I have been able to release from my neck and shoulders blows my mind!"


R. Wood, Sutherland NSW

"As a serious sporting person with a heavy training program and the odd sports injury to manage, I've found the treatments to be really helpful. I always experience a real improvement after treatment and leave feeling really invigorated and energised."


N. Grzic, Carlingford NSW

"I always feel great after a session with Miriam, she uses new and innovative techniques in her massage and is very good at anticipating what my body needs when i have a treatment with her. I recommend her to all my friends!"


M. Addario, Mosman NSW

"I have been having treatments with Miriam mainly on my back on a monthly basis for 2 years now. Having suffered back problems for years I am now free of back pain and have back and neck ache on very few occasions. Miriam has a strong and consistent technique with her therapy and is always willing to answer queries and questions relating to muscles etc. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs a competent dedicated practioner. She certainly keeps my back `in tune`."


S. Visser, Keiraville NSW

"Just the one craniosacral treatment has realigned my teeth so that my molars are now on top of each other! Also, I suffer from chronic build up of ear wax; I have tried numerous types of ear drops and rinses with no long lasting effects. I find that with craniosacral and lymphatic drainage treatments the results I get from using ear candles greatly improve, leaving my ear canal a lot clearer!"


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